MARKETING INTERN: Become a Marketing Intern and help develop communications, media relations, marketing, and writing skills in a grassroots LGBTQIA Foundation. Intern responsibilities may include: 

  • Assist in creating foundation’s marketing campaign

  • Assist in creating potential community and promotional partnerships

  • Assist in writing and distributing press releases

  • Assist in creating content for social media profiles

  • Assist in creating monthly newsletter

  • Assist in creating content create for Website Blog

  • Attend Marketing Committee Meetings

  • Attend Board Meetings as needed

DEVELOPMENT INTERN: Become a Development Intern. This is a great opportunity to see first-hand how a foundation fund raises and operates. The intern will gain valuable experience within a dynamic and growing area at a LGBTQ foundation. Intern responsibilities may include:


  • Assist with Fundraising Campaigns

  • Assist with communication with individual donors

  • Help maintain and update donor databases

  • Assist with donor and sponsorship research

  • Prepare impact reports and acknowledgement letters for donors

  • Learn to write funding solicitations

  • Attend Development Committee Meetings

  • Attend Board Meetings as needed

GRANT INTERN: Become a Grant Intern. Interns will have an opportunity to learn and participate in a grassroots foundation’s grant giving process. Intern responsibilities may include:

  • Assist in marketing grant opportunities

  • Reviewing Grantees’ Application for Completion

  • Communicate with Grantees’ on application process as needed

  • Participate in grant review process

  • Participate in grant review training

  • Communicate with Grantees’ on award process and documentation needed

  • Attend Grant Committee

  • Attend Board Meetings as needed

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