Nina is a queer, diesel femme, an educator and a Leather Woman. A native of Baltimore, Nina is the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman. She earned her Master's degree in Human Resource Development and now serves as an internal consultant for the DC Government. Her passion is helping employers create diverse, safe, and inclusive workplaces.


KENYA HUTTON / VP and Communications Chair / ELECTED DIRECTOR

Kenya Hutton has dedicated over 18 years working in areas of social justice, equity, HIV prevention, and the facilitation of behavioral interventions among communities heavily impacted by HIV in NYC and Washington, DC. He has been an advocate for HIV prevention on local and national levels, while bringing awareness to LGBTQ young adults and members of House/Ball Community. While serving these communities, he has been presented a number accolades including: The Dorian Corey Wisdom Award, The Michael J. Harrington Humanitarian Award from the Gay Men’s Health Crises House of Latex Project, the Award of Excellence from the Washington DC Ballroom Coalition, the DC Black Pride Presidents Award and others.  Kenya has devoted his life’s work to the betterment of disenfranchised and marginalized communities, and consistently works towards their achieving Health, Economic, and Social Equity. 


MARK CLARK / Treasurer & Chesapeake Bay Bears / DIRECTOR

Mark is BHT treasurer and the director representing the Chesapeake Bay Bears club. He retired from the World Bank, where he was a writer and editor. Prior to that he was a correspondent for the old Chicago's American and Chicago Today and was an official in two financial services trade associations. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.


Mike Lentz represents the Atlantic Sates Gay Rodeo Association (ASGRA) on the Board of BHT. He was the founding President of ASGRA and is currently their Treasurer. He has served in the past as ASGRA Trustee to the Board of the International Gay Rodeo Association and has been a certified rodeo judge from 1998 to the present. Before that, he was an active gay rodeo competitor; his best and favorite event was steer riding -- he won the IGRA Finals steer riding championship in 1995. He was inducted into the IGRA Hall of Fame in 2012. Mike was appointed as ASGRA director to BHT in 1994 and served as BHT Treasurer from 1996 to 2003; he has been Assistant Treasurer since. He enjoys contra and square dancing and is a dance composer and caller. He plays fiddle for fun and musical expression. He's an avid gardener and cook who loves collecting and developing his own recipes; he also enjoys taking on construction projects and does lots of community service. He and his husband, Rob live in North Bethesda, Maryland with their rescue dogs and teenage son.


DERRICK "STRAWBERRY" COX / Marketing and Grants Committees / ELECTED DIRECTOR

Derrick “Strawberry” Cox is an unsung hero in the DMV LGBTQIA community. He is the first to volunteer, goes above and beyond, and does not allow outer influences to deflect him from the goal of spreading goodwill among all. Strawberry has an impressive grasp of HIV /AIDS issues and is blessed with the enviable ability to meet people where they. He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of anyone. Strawberry volunteers with: Ryan White (as an individual living with HIV); Capital Pride; DC Black Gay Pride; and, really any LGBTQIA community-based organization in need of help. He is Whitman Walker Health’s PR/Lead Mentor in the His Peer+1 Program for those newly diagnosed and living with HIV in the DMV area, and is also vice president of the DC Health Community Education Engagement Committee. When not advocating for his community, Strawberry enjoys dancing, modeling, acting, and public speaking. Most importantly, Strawberry has the ability to see the good in nearly every situation; he’s not jaded, slighted, biased, or in the least bit vindictive. He was elected to the BHT Board of Directors in 2019.



A native of Connecticut, Nick moved to Washington, DC in 2008 to pursue a bachelor's and master's degree in history from The Catholic University of America. He worked in educational administration for seven years at his alma mater and recently began a new job at The George Washington University continuing work in administration. Nick volunteers at his local church as well as serving as an LGBT mentor.



Thomas Fincannon grew up in Florida, where he completed his graduate degrees and started volunteer work to raise funds for multiple LGBTQ+ organizations. In 2013, Thomas moved to New Jersey and shifted volunteer efforts to focus on the leather community, which involved winning the title of Mr. NJ Leather 2015. Thomas moved to the DC area in 2018 for his career, and he his excited to work with Brother Help Thyself. Thomas has approximately 15 years of volunteer experience, and one of his favorite mottos is to never take yourself so seriously that you forget to have fun.


LIAM SMITH / Development Committee Chair and Hooker & Boys / DIRECTOR

Liam Smith represents Hooker & Boys (H&B) on the board of the BHT Foundation, and has been involved in the Mid-Atlantic leather community since 2009, volunteering behind the scenes for various events such as H&B's annual "12 Days of Christmas" fundraiser. Liam holds degrees in education and nonprofit management, and has worked in the non-profit sector since 1997.


PAUL MARENGO / Grants and Development Committee / ELECTED DIRECTOR

Paul Marengo has 25+ years in the area of development and program execution.  His experience includes a wide range of development activities including Corporate Support, Foundation Support, Government Support, and Individual Giving.  Paul believes by empowering and providing the necessary tools to smaller non-profit organizations they can become competitive fundraisers.   Paul has worked with and trained many non-profits on alternative ways of thinking of how data and other items can be of use to their development strategies.



Born in Owings Mills Maryland Zakarias was out on his own at sixteen. He started his young adult life with his own set of challenges. Zakarias finished high school on his own and went on to college without support from family. Zakarias came out at sixteen Pansexual although back then he was not sure of what to call himself. At 21 Zakarias found the Leather Community, his place, and his chosen family. After many years in the Leather LifeStyle, Zakarias met his husband and focused on work and family. Together they raised, two children, from separate relationships, a foster child, and grandson. During this time Zakarias took in many of his friends in the LGBTQ+ Community by giving them shelter or a place to stay in his home while they were going through things like being homeless, recovery after their transition, or relocation after transition after losing a job. Now that his children are adults he has decided to rejoin not only The Leather Community but the whole Community and get involved in charity advocacy. Zakarias is so proud to join BHT.





The Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association (ASGRA) is a 501(c)4, charitable and social organization whose primary purpose is to promote the sport of rodeo and foster country and western lifestyles in the gay and lesbian community. ASGRA members enjoy the fellowship of numerous social, recreational and educational activities.



The Chesapeake Bay Bears is a social and service group for gay men of the bear community in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Membership driven, the group holds various fundraisers throughout each year to benefit three non-profit organizations voted upon by members. The group also holds retreats and functions for it's members, consistently largely of plus sized and hirsuite gay and bisexual men.



The purpose of COMMAND MC is to promote pride in the Leather Community, personally and publicly; to bring about an image of respect, responsibility and fellowship toward the leather community; and to support our community financially and actively whenever possible. COMMAND MC primarily serves the LGBT community of the Maryland area.



Hooker & Boys was formed by a group of close friends and Leather titleholders who united in 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland, to raise funds for charity as part of their Drummer Titleholder responsibilities. As a result of this event (The 12 Days of Christmas), Hooker & Boys became established as a community-based invitation-only Leather Club.Our goal is to serve the GLLBTSQ communities through fund-raising, support, and service.


The ShipMates Club of Baltimore was founded in 1974 and was the first leather/Levi social club in the state of Maryland. It is a diverse group of individuals devoted to serving the LGBT community. The club holds bar nights and fundraisers throughout the year with the biggest fundraiser “Daddy Christmas” being held each year on the first weekend of December. Traditionally there is a cookout fundraiser held in the summer as a kickoff to Daddy Christmas called “Ho Ho in the Heat.” At the beginning of the year the ShipMates select a charity to be the Daddy Christmas charity. Past recipients have included Health Care for the Homeless, AIDS Action Baltimore, Baltimore Transgender Alliance, Don Miller House, Adullum Community Healthcare Center, Spotlighters Theatre, and CHANA.

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